What we can offer..

Ranging from phone consults to in-home Surveys; measuring sources of EMF (in Michigan region),  We then make recommendations for viable solutions. If you are suffering from unexplained health issues, you may set up a consultation with our lead Investigator who will advise on best options available. Even if you are too far away, we can help as much as possible via phone and advise on strategies.

Once an in-person survey is completed, we will make an assessment with our EMC team; including an electrical engineer and specialty consultants. Solutions can range from from adjusting tech habits to shielding one area, room or sometimes an entire house.  If needed, we can recommend a full range of contractors from the local region.

Home Survey 

Full home (or business) surveys include measuring the RF radiation, along with basic checking of Electric & Magnetic fields. We can also focus on just one area of concern. 

Car Survey

Includes measuring for RF, Electric & Magnetic fields (which can all be problematic in newer cars) often causing drowsiness on the road 

Phone Consult 

First 15 min free. Will discuss symptoms, how they correlate with exposure. We can then determine how to narrow down exposures without measuring at first and how to best mitigate the worse sources. 
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