Animals are also affected by Wireless..

Much has been stated that as with children, due to smaller size, animals are more affected than the average person.  It may affect them in different ways though some seem the same as humans; since the 5G rollout there have been more reports of dogs and cats with chronic skin inflammation & itching.  Vets reporting more cases of 'hot spots' that they attribute to some type of mystery allergy.  Digestive disorders are also on the rise, cases of dogs vomiting or having regular bouts of diarrhea.  Tumors & cancers in pets are also at an all time high.  

Just as many notable Doctors, like Joseph Mercola, have spoken out on the health issues for humans.  He and many others, are discussing how Wireless can affect dog's and cat's health.  Even non-holistic minded Veterinarian's are admitting to seeing increased numbers of skin inflammation, itching & digestive upset in pets. 

How is Electro-Pollution affecting your Pet?

by Katie Kangas, DVM

Article from Animal Wellness magazine

5G Harms Humans, Animals, Plants, Landmark Study Shows

by Dr Joseph Mercola

Article from the Defender- CHD site

Melatonin for Dogs.. 'EMF depletes levels in all bodies (human and canine)'

Article from Dog's Naturally magazine

Wildlife is also more obviously affected now; 
Milking cows and goats have been reported as not producing nearly their usual amounts of milk to having reproductive issues, excess stillbirths, to just dropping dead; one farmer in France made recent news after losing 40 cows within days of a new 4G tower going up overlooking his pastures (see link below).  Bird groups have reported record #'s of mysterious circumstance in 2021. Most reporting damage to eyes and widespread navigational issues; crashes into windows and even the ground.  Ironically, Newsweek magazine did a feature (article below) warning that 5G may lead to major issues for Birds just two years earlier. 


Recent headline from May '22 out of France

Article from a French news site

Radiation From Cellphones, Wi-Fi Is Hurting the Birds and the Bees

Warning written prior to the 5G roll-out (May '18)

Article from Newsweek magazine