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Our goal is to help people (and pets) find solutions with GOOD WAVES of knowledge and shielding options.

Investigating & identifying the best
Electro-Magnetic Compatibility for healthy living

 A few of many video articles and books warning of the ill effects of wireless tech

Services we offer-- Determining sources of harmful RF (radio-frequency) radiation.  If you are suffering from unexplained health issues or are concerned about exposure levels, you may set up a consultation.  The first 15 minutes are free to discuss options best for your situation, if looking to have home levels measured we can then schedule an appointment for a Survey.  

Once the Survey is completed, we make an assessment with our EMC team.   Recommendations for viable solutions can range from minor changing of tech habits, to switching wireless to hard wired, shielding a wall or room with EMF blocking paint, various options for partial or entire home.  We have a network of contractors covering Northern MI and some areas south.

If out of our service area, we can advise on best options in your region.  Phone consults/counseling on how to cope with EMS (Electro-magnestic Sensitivity) and best detect what is affecting you most and how to best remediate it.


Article warning of health risks

Read the Scientific American Article

THE NATION "How Big Wireless made us think Cell Phones are Safe"

Read The Nation Article

Latest of many studies from the Elsevier Institute - 'Evidence for Health Risk by RF on Humans..'     

Read the study

This book, which is no longer in print, is available to view as a PDF (click here).  It is a must-read for anyone who wants to be truly 'in the know' about this life-altering invention that most of us use daily. 

It is a warning from one of the lead engineers on the Motorola team that developed the original cell phones.  

Mr. Kane lays out the technical stats, which simplifies it for the average reader.  The 2nd half is exceptionally readable for even the least tech-savvy person. 

Home surveys will include a base report measuring all forms of EMF, with focus on RF waves.  If high levels of Magnetic and/or Electric Fields are a concern, we can refer to specialist in those areas.

Pulsed Microwave (RF) Radiation has greatly increased everywhere with newer 5G installations, it is now often the worst culprit. 

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