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how Good Waves formed..

Since the 5G rollout began in 2020, many more than the previously estimated 3-5% are affected by EMF's

Our founder, RC, has a background in the nutrition industry.  Having worked as a consultant & long time educator, she had heard of EMF's (electro-magnetic fields) having the capacity to negatively affect health.  However it wasn't until feeling the effects of pulsed RF (radio-frequency) from Smart Meters, along with 4G frequencies from nearby towers that she began to learn how truly harmful it is.


Once aware of the real harm firsthand, RC spent over 7 years of studying much of the existing science, showing that all biological beings are affected by pulsed RF on some level.  After much investigation, she began advocating for the use of safer tech, as part of several local & national groups.  Speaking out at events ranging from local libraries to hearings the state capitol and making presentations at environmental forums..  Along the way meeting and studying with numerous EMF specialists and electrical engineers.

Since the rollout of 5G began in 2020, many more than the previously estimated 3-5% of the population are strongly affected by EMF's.  RC began hearing from more people at an increasing rate.  Many who were already "EMF Sensitive", found that opting out of smart meters, installing hard-wired internet, and minimizing use of wireless phones was no longer enough. For most everyone, those actions will almost always lead to improved sleep & less pain/inflammation. Those sensitive, were looking for help detecting sources of worsening pain and locating ways to shield.  Thus the idea formed to offer affordable surveys/solutions to those in Northern MI and beyond.

Most biological beings have adapted over time to non native (man-made) frequencies such as we have been exposed to from 1G-4G.  The largest increase was previously from 3 to 4G, however as hundreds of Doctors & Scientists have warned in recent years, 5G can be up to 100x stronger.  The newest, higher frequencies can penetrate average structures from as far as 10 miles away. The closer you are to a tower to more exposure you have.  The US has long allowed excess levels off cellular radiation, with levels excessively higher than Europe.  Beginning in 1996, the 'Telecommunications Act' was created to protect the Telecoms from liability based on Health Effects.  See article below on the FCC. 

There have been increasingly more cases of animals being effected by unexplained conditions; bird wildlife groups reported record #'s of mysterious deaths in 2021. Many reporting damage to eyes and widespread cases of navigational issues; crashes into windows and even the ground.  Ironically, Newsweek magazine did a feature (see article below) warning that 5G may lead to major issues for Birds just 2 years earlier.  Overall, their immunity seems to be down, as with people and the "bird flu" is running rampant according to many headlines.  The most recent headline, has been on cows being affected by new towers, from not producing milk to mass fatalities. For more on topic, see our 'Pets' page.

More than ever, people are discovering new unexplained symptoms & chronic pain, making it necessary to be aware of exposure.  As levels of bad waves increase all around us, it will affect most at some point.  Our goal is to help people (and pets) find solutions with GOOD WAVES of knowledge and shielding options. 

Radiation From Cellphones, Wi-Fi Is hurting the Birds and the Bees..

Newsweek article warning how 5G may make it worse


Article from The Environmental Health Trust